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Stress Incontinence

Q. Can I use the Sure if I have a vaginal prolapse?

Q. General advice about pain/strange sensations during and after use

Q. How does continence Stimulation help Stress Incontinence?

Q. How you know if you have positioned the machine correectly?

Q. Is Continence Stimulation good value for money?

Q. What Causes Stress Incontinence?

Q. What is Stress Incontinence?

Q. What position is it best to be in when using the machine ?

Q. What strength should I use, and how do I adjust the strength as my muscles improve?

Q. Why do the instructions say that I cannot use Sure if I have been diagnosed or treated for cervical cancer?

Pelvic Health

Q. Can the itouch Sure help with Pelvic Pain?

Q. How do I do my Pelvic Floor Exercises?

Q. How do I find my Pelvic Floor muscles?

Q. What if I cant do my Pelvic Floor Exercises?

Q. What is my Pelvic Floor?

Q. Why should I exercise my pelvic floor muscles?


Q. What can I do about bedwetting?

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Q. What does NICE say about bedwetting?

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Q. What might cause bedwetting?

Q. When should I worry about bedwettting?

Urge Incontinence

Q. How do I know whether I have Urge Incontinence?

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Q. How does continence stimulation help urge incontinence?

Q. What causes Urge Incontinence

Q. What is Urge Incontinence?

Male Incontinence

Q. Can I use itouch Sure?

Q. Do pelvic floor exercises benefit men as well as women?

Q. Does itouch Sure help with post -prostatectomy problems?

Q. How should men do pelvic floor exercises?

Faecal Incontinence

Q. How common is faecal incontinence?

Q. Is anyone at a higher risk of faecal incontinence?

Q. What can I do to help Faecal incontinence?

Continence Products

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