Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Trainer

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Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Trainer
Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Trainer
Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Trainer
Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Trainer
Viva Wireless Pelvic Floor Trainer

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Why choose the viva?

The Viva is a pelvic floor trainer designed specifically for home use.
Its simple and clear controls ensure that you feel comfortable from the very first use.
The Viva has unique features designed for your comfort:
  • Easy to use colour touch screen
  • Full control of Trainer during use
  • Replaceable Trainer battery


  • Absolutely discreet using wireless technology. Viva is stored in a “make up bag” style pouch, and is styled not to look clinical.
  • You can change Viva settings during use but, once started, the trainer can also carry out a full exercise session without further control – so no-one need know you are using it
  • Simple and safe. Viva uses secure radio control with built-in features to eliminate interference.
  • Comfort strength control adjusts the strength in small steps allowing you to achieve the best results.
  • Preset treatment settings. Uses programme settings that have been shown in trials to help Stress, Urge, and Mixed problems and sexual intimacy.
  • Hands Free Mode with Start Delay An intelligent memory enables the Viva to remember the last programme and strength of setting used. At the press of just one button the Viva waits 30 seconds for you to insert the trainer, then gradually increases the strength level over 90 seconds to 80% of the last level used. You can stop this increase, or adjust the strength, at any time.
  • Wide choice of custom settings. If you want to make adjustments in the settings, you can use one of the manual programmes.
Personal progress diary
  • In addition to a detailed usage memory, Viva allows you to record your leakages and toilet routines in a standard format. You can download this record to your PC using standard USB cable. Viva analysis software will present your record in a clear and simple form that you and your medical advisor or insurance company will find easy to interpret

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Viva Analysis Software (for Windows) from TensCare's Software Downloads