Dry Night Trainer

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Dry Night Trainer
Dry Night Trainer

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Bedwetting (Enuresis)
Your child is certainly not the only one! A childs toilet training develops during the first years of life when children start to become aware of the urge to urinate. The child must still learn to hold their urine at night or wake up to the sensation of a full bladder. When a child still wets their bed beyond pre-school age and there is no medical reason to justify this, the child suffers from bedwetting.
Training using a bedwetting alarm
A bedwetting alarm teaches the child to wake up to the sensation of a full bladder. The alarm immediately sounds an alarm tone when the child loses a few drops of urine. The alarm will then be switched off and the child can finish urinating on the toilet. Through this therapy, the child learns to associate the sensation of a full bladder with having to wake up.
How will this proceed?
In time the child will wake up on its own without having to depend on the alarm tone. When the child remains dry for fourteen nights in a row, the bedwetting alarm is not needed anymore. Even when the bedwetting alarm has not been used and the child still manages to keep dry, the training is considered successful and the child is toilet trained.
The Dry Night Trainer 
Especially user friendly, lightweight and just as compact as a watch. It can be worn on either the left or right wrist and the childs own underwear can be used during this training.
How does the Dry Night Trainer work?
The bedwetting alarm is attached to the childs wrist. The alarms cable is then "clicked" into the childs underwear on the spot where the urine will reach the cloth first. When the cloth between two sensors becomes wet, they will react and cause the bedwetting alarm to sound off an alarm tone, waking up the child.
Childs motivation
It is important that the user of the alarm (the child) is motivated to conjure up the discipline needed to work with this method. One could increase the child s motivation by going at this training in a playful manner by using the supplied covers for the alarm. These come in the shape of a football, a star and a flower. You can also use the reward system on our website.
The Dry Night Trainer is an advanced device that makes use of miniature electronics. The currents being used in the sensors to measure the humidity are extremely low and therefore absolutely safe. It also adheres to all needed medical standards.
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