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40% of women have problems with continence at some time in their lives.

The first line treatment is Pelvic Floor Exercises, but research has shown that 30% of women who  experience incontinence are unable to voluntarily contract their pelvic floor muscle. This is where itouch Sure can help. 

33% of women will experience bladder sensitivity at some point in their lives. Itouch Sure can soothe irritated nerves and calm down hypersensitivity. 



One in seven 7 year olds wet their beds at least once a week

Your child is certainly not the only one! A childs toilet training develops during the first years of life when children start to become aware of the urge to urinate. The child must still learn to hold their urine at night or wake up to the sensation of a full bladder. When a child still wets their bed beyond pre-school age and there is no medical reason to justify this, the child suffers from bedwetting. A bedwetting alarm teaches the child to wake up to the sensation of a full bladder.

The Noppy bedwetting alarm is especially user friendly, lightweight and just as compact as a watch. It can be worn on either the left or right wrist and the childs own underwear can be used during this training.

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