About Us

A privately owned company, TensCare has evolved since its conception in 1984 to become Europe’s largest distributor of TENS machines. We credit this success with the ability to meet the needs of the end user combined with an extensive experience of designing and manufacturing devices that meet their needs.

With a team committed to continuous research and development at the heart of TensCare, the latest range of TENS machines have been designed with a distinctly modern look and feel benefitting from the most advanced digital TENS technology available providing unrivalled levels of pain relief. This ongoing programme of research and development ensures that the company’s portfolio of products remain market leaders.

TensCare sell through Retail Pharmacy, Hospitals, and the internet, and export to over forty countries. We operate a computerised rental service delivering maternity TENS  direct to the home.

In addition, our customer service team provides the highest level of customer care with expert knowledge of every one of our products.



Our offices in Epsom                                       The TensCare team